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Russell County Extension Office

4-H Club
508 14th Street
Phenix City, Alabama

Russell County Extension Office provided the following activities for KWLA Summer Program:

  • Reading -in- the- Garden was a great project all students participated in weekly at the L.P. Community Garden. Students were instructed on the importance of reading Step-by-step directions when planting certain seeds and plants.
  • Healthy Snacks were incorporated once a week for grades K4-8th.
    Lessons ranged from reading ingredients in food product and making healthy food choices for grades 4th – 8th grades. The younger grades K4-8th grade participated in making healthy snacks; younger readers in the lower grades 2nd-3rd read the ingredients of the healthy snack for the day while K4-1st grade understood healthy bodies through jumping jacks, running in place, and the importance of drinking water.
  • STEM through Virtual Reality – students were granted the opportunity to travel through simulated experience to the African Sahara Desert through Virtual Reality headsets. Students had the opportunity to see living habitats of many species and animals, virtual journey through outer space and exploring the galaxies, diving virtually under the sea, and visiting many museums interacting with virtual artifacts.

Mildred Terry Library Summer S.T.R.E.A.M. Reading Activities

600 Veterans Parkway
Columbus, Georgia 31901

Weekly Served all students for the months of June and July from 3:00 p.m-4:00 p.m. every Thursday.

  • Mildred Terry Library STEAM Program emphasizes teaching students the importance of reading technical directions while participating in hands on STEAM related activities. Weekly exercises required much collaboration, strategizing, problem solving to create or develop the product Students were placed in four multi-grade level groups.

Columbus State University

Graduate Course Introduction to Teaching/UTeach Columbus Program
Columbus, Georgia 31901

  • Over eight CSU graduate students under the supervision of Professor Kenneth Jones taught over 10 Language Arts lesson incorporating STEM and cross curricula subjects to students in grades 4th-8th from June 25-July 16th. Many of the lessons required students to actively engage,
    collaborate in peer groups while thinking critically. Each language arts lesson addressed reading strategies to assist in strengthen reading skills, cross-curricular subjects with reading and writing components. Students volunteered to reteach 4th-8th grades students vocabulary skills,
    sentence structure/writing skills, reading comprehension, oral reading with students who needed oral reading time, reteaching main idea, and analogies. Their classroom professor accompanied the students to evaluate the lesson taught to the students. Columbus State University and KWLA have partnered together since 2018.

Russell County Child Advocacy Center

Phenix City, Alabama 36868
Prevention Specialist Detra Rosser

  • The Child Advocacy Center collaborated with KWLA to bring awareness to the following topics: Welcome/Unwelcome Touch; Types of Abuse; Internet and Social Media Safety; Self-Esteem and bullying. The center exposed KWLA kids to literature on the above topics. Books were read to the smaller audience demonstrated through puppet show. Grades 3rd
    -6th scripted different bullying scenarios then acted out through role play. 7th-8th graders read real-life articles and discussed their
    experience on the topics above.

Home Depot Kids Workshop

3784 US 431 North
Phenix City, Alabama 36867
Instructor: Ms. Haley & Team

  • The Phenix City Home Depot Kids Workshop donated numerous seed packets and brought building skills to the students of KWLA each summer and during after-school. The students enjoyed building bird
    houses, miniature wheel barrels and planting seeds! Thank you, Home Depot, for your wonderful staff representation Ms. Haley and her awesome team member assistants!

United to Save Ourselves (U.S.O)

P.O. Box 3777
Phenix City, Alabama 36868
Director: Mr. James Sellers

  • KWLA, Inc was one of many summer employment training sites for United to Save Ourselves summer college students. The college students had the opportunity to work under the director of KWLA, Inc. KWLA, Inc provided youth with 20 hours of work experience. The youth assisted as academic tutors, served food and participated in all activities planned for the students of KWLA, Inc. Mr. Sellers and United to Save Ourselves is an excellent provides summer employment to high school and college

Feeding the Valley

6744 Flat Rock Rd. Midland, GA 31820
P.O. Box 8904 | Columbus, Georgia 31908 706-561-4755
fax: 706-561-0896

Feeding the Valley collaborated with Phenix City Housing Authority who partnered with KWLA, Inc. Summer and After- school program held Summer 2018- Summer 2019 feeding over 5000 meals!

Kids Café

offers afternoon nutritious hot meals and snacks at various sites designated by the Housing Authority, churches and community centers, and every weekday throughout the school year. We prepare approximately 8,500 healthy, nutritious meals weekly in our commercial kitchen at our central warehouse and transport these meals to 28 locations in Muscogee County, GA and Russell County, AL.

Summer Café

is an expanded Kids Café program and provides nutritious lunches for children in need to additional Kids Café locations. We average providing approximately 1,700 meals per day at 43 sites for ten weeks during the summer months.

Phenix City School District Child Nutrition Program

1212 9th Avenue South
Phenix City, Alabama 36867
Supervisor Alana Jones, Summer Feeding Program

The Phenix City School District Child Nutrition Program provided healthy breakfast during summer months to KWLA students, resident children of L.P. Stough Phenix City Housing Authority and children from nearby communities. We appreciate working with Mrs. Alana Jones and her wonderful Child
Nutrition Staff!

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