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amazing and caring staff

September 1, 2023

I am a first time mom and never wanted to put my son in a daycare. I was scared from all the horrible stories I see on the news but not KWLA. I love how sweet Mrs. Gary and her staff are. Jasmine & Ms. Jefferson are so loved by my family and I. They go above and beyond. My son has been with them since he was 4 months old and they have taught my son so many wonderful things. They have helped me grow as a mother as well with all the helpful advice. Thank you Ms. Gary, Ms. Jasmine, & Ms. Jefferson. I know my son is taken care of at KWLA

Christine N.

Awesome Experience!

December 1, 2021

Great After School! If you are looking for academic excellence and a partnership in raising young men and women with character and integrity with a biblical worldview, KWLA is for you family.

My daughter had the opportunity of joining KWLA June 2021 for Stem Camp at Auburn University. It was the great hands-on and group experience for her, she was able to interact with other students, and they were able to share their knowledge together.

Sullivan Family

Extraordinary opportunities

August 8, 2021

KWLA offers great opportunities for youth to learn, explore and gain hands-on experience in computer science with the Summer STEM camp at Auburn University. This past June, we had the privilege of joining KWLA for the in-person STEM Camp at the College of Engineering at Auburn University. It was an incredible experience! Our 10 year-old son loved it! He enjoyed learning about computer science, meeting the staff (graduate students at Auburn University), meeting new students, developing friendships, exploring the university campus. The entire program was offered for FREE!

KWLA provided extra help and support, they offered transportation to AU; breakfast and snacks; live support during the program; encouragement throughout the week and inspiration to keep reaching higher. The staff are trustworthy, safety was a priority. We look forward to more experiences with KWLA and Auburn University!

My desire is to see more youth in the program for the future.

Myriam Crawford

I wish knew of KWLA months ago..

February 11, 2021

Since day 1 I felt at peace and comforted knowing that this leap of faith i took was the best choice. I was on the verge of sending my son off to his dad because I was at my breaking point with the failing grades my son was bringing home until my neighbor told me about KWLA. For my 12yr old to tell me after his first day that the tutor was AMAZING means a lot coming from a kid who doesn’t trust new people. That was my confirmation that he was right where he needed to be and I started seeing change within 1 WEEK!!! The staff is not only professional but they are organized, dedicated, supportive, friendly, and very caring to everyone who walks through the door. They helped my son get caught up with his missing assignments. I can proudly say that my son has struggled with math and now has gone from an “F” to a high “C”. Appreciative that they are following Covid protection protocol. Registration was quick and hassle free. I would recommend KWLA to all. God bless them because they are surely a blessing.

Trisha Gerena


January 12, 2021

KWLA provides their students with a great environment to be successful. Their student’s success academically as well socially is a high priority. Study plans are tailored made to focus on the student’s weaknesses while also building their strengths. The staff being willing and able to make contact with teachers helps build a solid foundation that translates very well into the classroom. Anyone in need, whether it is to strengthen a weakness or build on a strength, should look into KWLA.

Rodriguez T