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“Executive Branch”


  1. Watches Instructional video prior to class and take notes.
  2. Completes all assignments prior to class.
  3. Fills out the class organized worksheet with their questions.
  4. Attends class and gets questions answered
  5. Corrects assignments in order to earn 100% on all of them
  6. Helps other students by providing analysis, feedback, and explanations regarding their work.
  7. Applies math to outside concepts.

“Legislative Branch”

Teacher/Peer Tutor

  1. Sets expectations
  2. Facilitates discussion during group sessions based on entries of students in the organized worksheet.
  3. Organizes students into individual work, partner work, small groups, or full group based on data.
  4. Gives students next steps at the end of session.
  5. Sets course of study throughout.

“Supreme Court”


  1. Monitor student work using student login information.
  2. Monitors student attendance and work completion.
  3. Asks for and interprets feedback from instructor.